Tea Talk in Todos Santos with La Poza Lagoon and Ocean Views

The Tea Talk  at Casa Oasis with Abigail Amezquita was a delight. After a very thorough and enlightening introduction and discussion we were all up and delving into hands on learning about different local herbs and flowers. We learned about the healing and beneficial properties of the spotlighted herbs and each chose our own specialized blend to enjoy. After discussing the tasting, we swapped stories and enjoyed the beautiful Ocean and Lagoon views. The meeting closed with a viewing of an amazing ocean sunset with a touch of green diamond flash, perfect.

We may be offering this class again before the end of the current season so stay tuned here and in our group on Facebook (also on the Baja Western Onion event calendar) for news on upcoming meetings. If you would like to give a talk or host an event let us know, we are always looking to share healthful information and good times together, thanks for being a part of the fun!


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