Recent Events Healthy Apple Club Todos Santos

Fun moments from our December socials : Tai Chi and Pottery studio Tour Pot Luck at Todos Artes in Todos Santos (followed by Zoe and the Mischief show at La Esquina Cafe), and the Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelet Making Workshop in Pescadero. =)

Baja Essential Oils & Healthy Apple Club at Pura Vida new Classes Nov-March

Meet us at Pura Vida in Todos Santos for fun essential oil classes and lunch socials Nov 2019 – March 2020.
Dates :
Nov 13th – Wed – EO Class Pura Vida 11am
Dec 18th – Wed – EO Class Pura Vida 11am
Jan 8th – Wed – EO Class Pura Vida 11am
Feb 12th – Wed – EO Class Pura Vida 11am
Mar 18th – Wed – EO Class Pura Vida 11am

Presented by The Healthy Apple Club & Baja Essential Oils, Hosted by Pura Vida Baja

Healthy Apple Launches with a Luncheon At Teatro Luna Azul Todos Santos May 2018

A Healthy Apple is growing on the Baja Sur tree of health and vitality : Our first official HEALTHY APPLE ( Luncheon was held recently.

Our guest speaker Sandra Wohlers introduced us to Ayurveda and how it relates to body types and diets, and essential oils. The host venue, Teatro Luna Azul, was gorgeous and a perfect fit for the meeting!

Join us for more events soon, different locations and themes/guest speakers at each event, Pop-up info can be found in our group on Facebook @